Death and Resurrection from ashes: personal self regeneration

Full Moon in Virgo 2024: let go and detach.

La Fenix is on the verge of turning 45, and as she prepares in her nest of incense and cinnamon, she feels once again in her life the call to die in order to be reborn. The time to cross the threshold of another existential crisis is approaching. This time it’s the most fundamental one: the Hero’s return to the tTrue Self.

Her life has been a struggle against external expectations and inherited complexes, like a shadow that has pursued her. She has faced toxic relationships, economic precariousness, and an unsatisfactory career, all while battling her own fears and insecurities.

Nevertheless, despite everything, La Fenix holds onto faith in the legend of rebirth, in ancestral knowledge, and in the wisdom of masters in philosophy and psychology. She knows that if others have achieved it, why couldn’t she?

But she’s also paralysed by fear: fear of emptiness, of the unknown, of the judgment of others. She’s tired of living a life that doesn’t belong to her, of being a mere shadow of herself, reflecting the expectations of others, loyal to her genealogical tree.

Within, La Fenix is critical and demanding of herself and the world around her. she longs to break free from mediocrity and embrace her authenticity, but fear has kept her shrunk and silenced, settling for a life that doesn’t satisfy her, to avoid disturbing the status quo.

She realises that she has attracted into her life an environment and people who reflect the characteristics of her mother: fragile narcissism and volatile emotional dependency, while struggling to connect with those who resemble her father: assertive, cold, and resolutely independent.

This repetitive pattern is exhausted. Either it dies, or it dies. La Fenix is rotten.

Blessing: “Putrefactio” is the first stage of the alchemical transformation process towards the fullness of being according to C.G. Jung.

It will take faith in the master.

La Fenix is ready to leave behind its false self and be born again. She feels inspired by the full moon in Virgo, marking the beginning of its voluntary descent into transformation.

In the words of Jack Welch, “Change before you have to.”

La Fenix knows it’s getting late, but it’s never too late to be reborn.

How many more Phoenixes are ready to burn their old lives and be reborn with new strength? Who else joins this journey of self-regeneration and empowerment?

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