This is the mental space of an artist in a quest of the Beautiful, the Good and the True.

Here you will find reflections and inspirations that pop up in my life through books, talks and contemplations to fully enjoy this existence with excellence and elegance in all the areas of life that I have classified with reference to the astrological houses: 12 categories where our daily life unfolds.

In parallel, I have created a “pharmacylibrary” where you will find a more in depth selection of books to heal the Soul and elevate your Being.


Who am I?

I am La Fenix and I open the doors of my Inner Temple to you.

In these times of global and personal mid-life crisis, I feel obliged to rethink and heal my life and connect with masters and other wise and learned minds through their writings which I am committed to share with you in this sacred library.

It is of my own will, before life pulls my ears, that I make myself ashes to be reborn as something greater than myself. Along the journey, we often find that we have lost our way, that we have taken up residence in what should just have been stages. It is not always easy to catch the inner GPS signal. How many of us are truly fulfilling our destiny on this planet? Besides, how many of us even know that we have one?

As a child, I spoke with the Heavens and the world seemed clear to me: I saw clearly between truth and lies, I had great aspirations and great revolts. Then disillusionment, but also loyalty and compassion for the injured parents and the hurting world took over and the veil fell so as not to blind anybody with too strong a light. I bowed my head and put on the garb of conformity so as not to cause suffering nor to be hurt. And this is how I have progressed until now: faithful to the perception of a 5 year old child in the face of this so “unfair life”. And there are many of us in the playground of life who shout it loud and provide daily proof of it. How many are aware of the immaturity of their perceptions? How many have attained wisdom before dying? How many have even aspired to it?

I want to at least be one of those who tried. And those who like the idea follow me!

My Vision

A community
of Committed & uncompromised Humans
That, with discipline & courage,
Engineer & refine themselves
Spirit, mind & body
Through spirituality, art & science
For the purpose of, 
Elegantly & with dignity,
Taking responsibility & ownership
To re enchant the world
For a creative future.

My Mission

Help make advent the new golden age
Promised by the ancient’s inherited wisdom
To recover human dignity lost in the dark times
of victomhood and materialism
Take back sovereignty & freedom

In gratitude of their precious heritage
I promise to give my all to make it advent
And help complete the cycle of times.

And get notified everytime I publish a new blog post.
And get notified everytime I publish a new blog post.
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